Edge Banding

Why does the KA 65 Conturo Edge Bander have a dust port?
The dust port on the KA 65 Conturo Edge Bander can be used for transfer of fumes or cooling of the m...
I see there is an attachment for the KA 65 Edge Bander that holds the edging. Can I put the whole roll of edging in here?
Our KA 65 Edging Magazine is available. It should be used for pre cut lengths as there is no cutting...
What is the standard edge height that can be used on a KA 65?
The standard height is 21mm however the range is 18-65mm and edge thicknesses of 0.5-3.0 mm. 
What degrees is the glue ready to use for the KA 65?
When the glue is at 190 degrees it is ready for use. 
How long does it take for the glue to heat up in the KA 65 Conturo Edge Bander?
In just 8 minutes the glue will be heated and the machine will be ready to use. 
How can I keep my marterial scratch free when using the edge bander?
The scratch free base pad comes with a felt layer keeping delicate or high gloss surfaces safe. 
Can I remove the handle off the KA 65 ?
Yes the handle is removable to attach to the table and to store back into the systainer. 
Does the edging magazine for the KA 65 including a cutter to cut material?
No, the edging magazine doesn't have a built in cutter. Its for the safe guidance of delicate an...
What degree is the trimming base for trimming angle cuts after laminating?
There are bases avaliable for horizontal trimming of mitres that are 1.5 degrees and 0 degree. 
How can I clean my KA 65 to if I use PU glue?
You can use the polyurethane rinsing agent, must be used after working with PU adhesive to prevent c...
Do I need to clean my edge bander CONTURO KA 65?
If using natural glue, there is no need to clean the edge bander.The edge bander can be left not use...
What colours does the Edge Bander Glue come in?
Available colours are: Brown - Part number: 200059Black - Part number: 200060White - Part number: 49...
Can the KA 65 CONTURO Edge Bander be used for melamine?
Yes. The KA 65 CONTURO Edge Bander  is suitable for all standard materials including melamine. For ...
What does error 7 mean on my KA 65 Edge Bander?
Error 7 is a clogged nozzle that is not opening properly. Its easier to clean the excess glue around...
REVIEW I am getting an error code no. 9 on my KA 65 edge bander, what does this mean?
The fan underneath may be stuck with tiny pieces of glue or debris. To un-clog, use air or carefully...
What are the different colour glues that I can buy for Festool Edge Banders?
The KA 65 has a choice of Natural (clear) White, Black and Brown to match colour applications. 
What does the book icon with the error number 9 and 10 mean on the KA 65?
The error numbers displayed on the KA 65 are due to a fan error in your machine. The number 9 is th...
What size edging tape can be used with the CONTURO KA 65 Edge Bander?
The CONTURO Edge Bander KA 65 will take edging tape size: 0.5mm - 3mm thickness 18mm - 65mm height.
When would I need the KA 65 Plus CONTURO Edge Bander adaptor plate vs. the adaptor plate and the perforated top?
The adaptor plate by itself would be used when the user wants to build their own table with the KA 6...
Is the KA 65 Plus CONTURO Edge Bander suitable for timber edging?
Yes, the KA 65 Plus CONTURO Edge Bander can be applied and used for timber edging.A maximum thicknes...