Workplace Equipment

Do any of Festools tools require power supply to be upgraded?
No, all of our tools run on a standard 10A power supply. 
How thick is the denier on the Systainer3 Tool Bag?
The denier on the Systainer3 Tool Bag (part no. 577501) s 600dpi and its not cut proof. 
What is the part number for MFT 3 screws?
The item number is 474925 (x4) and will need to be ordered via a Festool dealer. 
How do clean my TS pizza cutter!
Carefully remove the blade by grabbing it and pulling down from the pizza saw.Bon appetit! 
What size Festool Fan T-shirt/Hoodie should I buy?
Please refer to our sizing guide below: 
How many TopRock Systainer3 Bluetooth Speakers can I pair together?
There is a maximum of 2 TopRock Speakers, when paired one will work as left hand speaker and the ot...
Can I use the standard Plug It Cable on my Planex Sander?
You could use it however we recommend the Planex Plug It Cable (part number 203933) as it is engine...
Can I use my non Festool sander with the Compressed Air Module?
The CT Compressed Air Module must be used in conjunction with either a Festool 2-1 or 3-1 hose, and ...
Can I charge my device with the TOPROCK Systainer3 Bluetooth Speaker?
Yes, charging is available with the Toprock via the integrated USB Interface. 
Is the Power Station available in Australia?
No.  The Power Station is not available in Australia as it has not been approved by authorities for...
Can I use the Festool App to adjust the brightness on my LHS 2 ?
The app is currently not available in Australia. 
Whats the max psi the Compressed Air Module can handle?
Tha maximum PSI for the compressed air module is 116.03 Psi (8 Bar) 
Can I buy a CMS table or module to suit my TS55 or OF 1400 ?
The CMS system was discontinued in 2018. We have no tables or modules available for purchase. 
Is the GHS 25 Ear Protection case a charging case?
Yes it is. Your earplugs will automatically turn on when removed from the charging case and turn off...
When I release the power trigger on my tool, I see a blue spark from the motor, is this OK?
Yes its OK. Many tools are fitted with an electronic brake which activates once the switch is releas...
How much weight can the MW 1000 Mobile Workshop hold?
The maximum load capacity of the MW 1000 Mobile Workshop is 100kg.For the full set of specification...
Does the SYS - Rock Worksite Radio and SYSRock Digital Worksite Radio receive teh AM band?
No, neither of our radios receive the AM Signal however you can connect your own device (eg: Smartph...