Guide Rail

At Festool, we have an extensive range of guide rails that will suit any need. Guide rails are key in preventing splinters in your workpiece thanks to their anti-splinter protection.

Ensure clean, accurate cuts over and over again when you use any one of Festool's guide rails. Guide rails make work easier by taking the tool to the work, and save time and money by eliminating laborious measurements, rework and wasted material. Connect rails using Festool Guide Rail Connectors to make limitless cuts. Non skid, dual clamping rubber strips prevent movement during the cutting operation, saving significant set up time. Choose from our 90 degree guide rails, standard guide rails, accessory kits, cushion strips and other accessories that will help you become a more efficient and effective builder. Whatever size guide rail you need (800 mm - 5000 mm) -- we've got you covered! As an added bonus, using Festool guide rails means you do not need to use clamps which often end up cluttering your cutting line.

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