Did you know that insufficient clamping force can make the workpiece slip and vibrate during processing, which causes machining error and can even damage the workpiece and cutting tool? This is why it is so important to invest in high quality clamps that will last you a lifetime. At Festools, we offer a wide range of clamps that are suitable for any situation or job.

Designed as key system components to the Festool MFT and Guide Rail systems, Festool Screw Clamps secure your workpiece for precision cutting, sanding, routing, sanding, or just about any other application. Designed to work seamlessly with holes and channels on the Festool MFT Multifunction Table and can be inserted into bottom t slot of Festool FS Guide Rails for limitless positioning. Clamping thickness in 120mm, 160mm & 300 mm. We also offer the Gecko Suction Clamping Set -- equipped with dual quick release suction cups that form a tight seal with your material, so your attached guide rail won't budge during cutting or routing operations.

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