Constructions sites, whether big or small, contain a lot of moving parts. Crews are on site coordinating projects, while workers are transporting heavy materials, using heavy machinery, or operating equipment from basic carpentry tools such as saws and hammers, to heavy duty cranes, cement mixers and dump trucks. There is little room error which is why acquiring a high quality worksite radio is so important. At Festool, we offer the best jobsite radios that money can buy. Our SYSRock radios combine compact dimensions and low weight with a perfect sound. Made of durable and sturdy plastic housing, with a splash resistant, 10 W, 2.5 inch speaker and flexible antenna the SYSRock is built for the work site. Thanks to the Bluetooth interface and integrated hands free functions, you can listen to not only your favourite radio stations, but also to songs on your smartphone with SYSRock quality sound. It can double as a hands free phone for constant availability.

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