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Festool’s high-performance power tools are specifically designed for professional trades. From Drills and Dust Extractors, to Sanders and Saws, Festool has the right power tool system for the most challenging applications, to help you streamline your process, as well as improve quality and efficiency.

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Options to Consider Before Purchasing our Power tools

Full Systems and Accessories

Our integrated systems combine a range of power tools for seamless working, providing effective solutions to challenging applications. We also offer a full range of accessories and consumables that are compatible with our tools, so you can always get the best quality results.


Festool power tools come with a 3-year comprehensive warranty and 10-year spare parts availability. To access, all you need to do is register your tool after purchase and then enjoy guaranteed quality and peace of mind.

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Festool power tools and accessories are sold exclusively through the Festool Australia Dealer Network. Every dealer is carefully selected to ensure they share our vision for delivering excellent customer experiences.

Our dealers also participate in hands-on product training with us, so you can rest assured that they have the knowledge required to help you find the best systems and solutions for your applications, and to answer any questions you may have.

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We understand that a Festool purchase is a long term investment. To help you ensure you’re making the right choice, we offer free on-site tool demonstrations. There’s no catch, and it is 100% free!

You can try a range of tools with no obligation to buy them on the spot. Take this opportunity to try out the tools you are looking at, and get tips and advice from our team of Technical Sales Consultants.

Our Wide Range of Power Tool Products


Festool drills and drilling systems are made to be handy, durable and powerful. Choose from our wide range of drills, including driver drills, impact drivers, hammer drills, rotary hammer drills, and auto-feed screw guns. Our versatile and powerful cordless technology not only makes our drills faster, lighter and easier, but also extremely energy efficient. Some drills, such as the C 18V Cordless Drill Plus, also feature an inbuilt LED light to ensure precise work even in dark corners.

Our drills are ideal for applications such as carpentry or joinery and interior fitting, metal construction and shopfitting, painting and interior decorating, and other industrial use.

Dust Extractors

Prolonged exposure to hazardous dust in the workplace can lead to life threatening illnesses such as Silicosis and lung cancer.

Our Festool dust extraction systems are designed for use with various types of dust, including Dust Class L (low risk, largest particles), Dust Class M (medium risk, small particles), and Dust Class H (high risk, microscopic particles).

Festool dust extractors give you the highest performance, ensure you are compliant with Work Safe requirements, and are compatible with various types of filters and bags. Some models, including the CT 15l HEPA Class Dust Extractor, come standard with the HEPA filter for enhanced filtration, and has touch control for intuitive dust extractor operation.

Edge Banders

The Festool edge bander makes it easy to apply various types of edges for a range of applications. With the Conturo, you can easily edge bends, convex and concave forms, and even mitre edges can be completed in perfect quality.

The Conturo is suitable for machining all types of wood, plastic or melamine edging with a height of 18mm - 65mm, and edge thickness of 0.5mm - 3.0mm (depending on material). It features a thermally isolated gluing unit, a cartridge glue system, great ergonomics and a practical display. Packed in a systainer, the Conturo is also extremely mobile and easy to carry along.

Grinders and Cutters

Festool diamond grinders are powerful, fast and safe, making them a robust solution for grinding tough materials like metal, stone and concrete. They also provide comfortable handling, with the ergonomic design reducing vibrations to ensure fatigue-free work.

Our diamond cutting systems deliver precise, clear cuts with different options available to suit various applications. The extraction hood in combination with a Festool dust extractor helps to keep you working in a virtually dust-free environment, protecting your health and reducing pollution to the environment.

Durable, easy to use and flexible, Festool diamond grinders and cutters are perfect for those who need a good surface finish.


Our range of planers are designed for all your planing needs, and are ideal for trimming work, assembly work, planing door or window rebates, beams and broad surfaces, as well as texturing surfaces.

The EHL 65 EQ weighs only 2.4kg, up to 30% lighter than similar planers, allowing you to guide it with just one hand.

All our planers can be easily attached to a Festool dust extractor on either the left or right side, so you can work efficiently while maintaining a clean and healthy workspace.


Whether you need to join larger pieces or seek better stability, Festool joining machines are ideal for a wide range of applications including furniture making, shop or interior fitting, window construction, and producing structural joints.

The Domino XL DF 700 is extremely powerful and comes with a patented cutting motion that makes cutting smooth and easy, plus it works up to 50% faster than a bench mounted tool. The innovative stop system, meanwhile, gives quick and precise positioning in relation to a reference edge.


Festool routers are compact yet powerful. Lightweight enough for one handed operation, our routers are guaranteed to deliver outstanding results and smooth finishes.

Fast and precise, Festool routing systems are suitable for a range of tasks, including rounding, chamfering, rebating and profiling edges, routing circles and cut-outs with the multi-routing template, and grooving rear panels or recessing dovetail batons with the guide system.


When it comes to machining edges, Festool trimmers guarantee perfect results. The OFK 500 trimmer is lightweight, perfectly balanced and easy to manoeuvre, ideal for both vertical and horizontal use.

The MFK trimmer, meanwhile, is cost effective and adaptable, featuring an integrated adapter interface that can be used to interchange different router bases without tools. It also comes with a parallel side fence that allows you to create perfect rebates and corners with ease.


You can rely on Festool sanders for excellent finishes and top class results. Our range of sanders include random orbital geared sanders, random orbital sanders, orbital sheet sanders, inline sanders, drywall sanders, belt sanders, and air sanders.

Most of our compact sanders feature a Softgrip material, which improves your grip on the machine and makes it easier to handle, increasing comfort and reducing fatigue.

Festool also offers a complete system including sanding pads and abrasives. The Jetstream principle ensures greater dust removal, cooler pad temperatures, and longer abrasive life.


Festool polishers are perfect for polishing paintwork and mineral materials.

The RAP 150mm SHINEX rotary polishers are light and ergonomic, suitable for all-purpose use, even on delicate surfaces. They come in two options: one for high torque in the lower speed range, and another for high torque in the higher speed range.

Festool offers a complete polishing system that includes a large range of polishing pads and polish, guaranteeing quick, effortless, and optimal results.


Festool’s selection of saws is suitable for a wide range of applications, including for mobile use on work sites, cross cutting rafters and beams, cutting full sheet materials to size, and more.

Festool saws are renowned for superior precision, uncompromising safety including high-performance dust extraction, reliability and long service life, and flexibility provided by the extensive range of accessories and consumables.

Whether you need plunge cut saws, circular saws, sliding compound mitre saws, table saws, or sword saws, we have a model to suit your requirements.

Other Power Tools

Besides the tools listed above, Festool also offers a good range of Jigsaws, Multi Tools, Stirrers, Clamping, Work Lights, and Radios.

With more than 90 years of passion and experience in the industry, Festool is committed to designing only the smartest and best products and solutions. If you need further information or any assistance in selecting the best tool for your application, please contact our team today.