H Class Dust Extractors/ Vacuums

Festool is your one stop shop for Australia's best H class dust extractors and vacuums. Hazardous dust doesn't stand a chance against our CTH 26l H Class Dust Extractor and CTH 48l H Class Dust Extractor.

With the high power suction turbine and a 99.995% degree of filtration there is no danger to health. Safely eliminate asbestos, mould, fibrous mineral dust, lead, cadmium, nickel and zinc chromate with ease with the help of our H class dust extractor vacuum systems. The two layer safety filter bag prevents contact with the dust when disposing of the bag. As an added bonus, our H class dust extractors can be fitted with air activated modules (for use with air tool on/off activation) or Bluetooth module for remote switching on/off of dust extractor or when working with cordless power tools.

Call us at 1300 063 900 or browse our website to look at our extensive range and find out more!

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