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Festool's commitment to producing high-quality power tools has been unwavering for over 90 years. This enduring passion is not just ours but is shared by our dedicated users and enthusiastic fans. Our power tools are designed to simplify the lives of professional tradespeople, enabling them to achieve impeccable results at a faster pace. We believe in a systematic approach, paying meticulous attention to every detail, no matter how minute. This dedication to excellence is reflected in our impressive tally of over 350 patents and 80 awards, both for our products and our company. However, the most significant testament to our success is the satisfaction of our customers.

Our power tools are more than just instruments; they are a promise of quality, innovation, and reliability. They represent our commitment to you, the professional tradespeople, to provide you with the tools you need to achieve perfect results. With Festool power tools, you are not just buying a tool; you are investing in a legacy of excellence and a future of unparalleled performance.


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With a 90+ year passion for high-performance power tools, Festool makes life easier for professional tradespeople and helps them achieve perfect results faster that delight their clients.


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Every Festool power tool comes with peace of mind, bundled with an industry-leading package of service offerings to support you and your tools.

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