M Class Dust Extractors/ Vacuums

In search of the most compact and lightweight M class dust extrator? Look no further than Festool.

Our range of M-class dust extractor vacuums are lightweight yet powerful and perfectly suited for on-site extraction for electric power tools for sanding, routing, sawing and drilling work. Our M class dust extractors are also ideal for mobile work or any job that requires compact and easy to handle machinery.

Say hello to adjustable suction power and the switch on/shut off function which allows our extractors to turn on automatically when required and turn off when not. Approved for dust class M, and with the option of fitting air modules, Festool's range of dust extractors promise healthy, dust free working conditions at every job. Choose from our CTM 36l M Class Autoclean Dust Extractor, CTM MIDI-2 15l M Class Dust Extractor or CTM 26l M Class Dust Extractor -- there is no job that is too big for Festool's specially designed dust extractors!

Call us at 1300 063 900 or book a demo today to find your perfect dust combating match!

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