CTM MIDI-I 15l M Class Dust Extractor

Small extractor, big on performance

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Low weight, compact dimensions and a host of innovative details – the new CTM MIDI compact extractor impresses in all aspects and now even extracts dust from dust class M. It has intuitive touch operation, a smooth suction hose and a level storage area for tools and consumables.

Manual dedusting and being able to replace the main filter from the outside ensure long-lasting work that protects your health. Includes integrated Bluetooth® technology – the mobile dust extractor is automatically started by the Bluetooth® battery pack or by the remote control.

Also has an internal hose holder, SYSTAINER T-LOC connection and practical cord holder for tidiness and speed. All this together conveniently ensures clean air during service and installation work.

Main applications

  • For hazardous wood dust and mineral dust from dust class M with limit values ≥ 0.1 mg/m³
  • On-site extraction for electric power tools for minor or brief sanding, routing, sawing and drilling work
  • Ideal for mobile use in service and installation work and for final cleaning
  • Suitable for both wet and dry extraction (special wet filter required for wet extraction)

Working With Hazardous Dust 

Test report: EVA Respirable Crystalline Silica and Total Respirable Dust Exposures Report

Test report: ESP Airborne Occupational Exposure Report

Important Information Regarding Circuit Breaker Electrical Standard

Festool dust extractors are fitted with a circuit breaker for safety when a connected load of 1200 watts is exceeded.

Some tools that draw higher wattage can trigger the circuit breaker and if initiated requires the reset button above the socket to be pushed in and reset.

When requiring to use larger wattage tools with dust extraction it is recommended the tool is operated off a separate outlet and a Bluetooth system can then be used to switch the dust extractor on and off as required.

When using tools it is recommended you always use the correct consumable for best results as even lower wattage tools can trip the circuit breaker if the system isn’t matched to the application. (e.g.: saw blade not matched to material)

Integrated Bluetooth® technology

Automatically switch on your CT MIDI extractor via remote control or the Bluetooth® battery pack. No retrofitting required. See how here.

Touch operation

The innovative and intuitive touch control panel makes it extremely simple to operate, even when wearing gloves or in a dirty environment. The extractor is set to automatic mode as soon as it is switched on.

Everything has its place

The large internal hose holder and external cable wrap makes storing the smooth suction hose and cable safe and clean for transportation.

Manual cleaning

Manual dedusting of the main filter and filter bag means the suction power can be restored once the filter or filter bag is inserted for a significant increase in filling capacity.

Filter replacement from outside

Filters are now replaced from the outside of the dust extractor. Quick, easy and tool free.

Transport Safe

The integrated locking brake means that the dust extractor is secured against rolling away during work or transport.

Automatic suction hose detection

Automatically adjusts to the correct suction hose diameter.

For dusts in class M

The extractor is approved for hazardous dusts in dust class M with limit values ≥0.1 mg/m³, making it suitable for extracting wood dusts and mineral dusts.

Easy handling

The compact, ergonomic design and low weight make the extractor particularly easy to transport.

Telescopic handle

For even better mobility on the construction site – The sophisticated design allows cleaning accessories to be stored and can be easily lowered when not in use (handle available as an accessory).

More tidiness

Thanks to externally fitted cord holder with folding mechanism.

Full usage of space

The sophisticated container geometry and space-saving flat filter ensure maximum utilisation of the 15 l container volume.

Tech Specs
Maximum Airflow (litres per minute)
3,700 l/min
Maximum Vacuum (Pa)
24,000 Pa
Filter Surface Area (cm2)
3,369 cm2
Container/Filter Bag Capacity (litres)
15 L / 12.5 L
Power Consumption (W or kW)
Maximum 1,200 W
Auto Clean Function (Yes/No)
Dust Approval Rating
Dust Class M - medium risk dust such as mineral and wood dust
Mains Cable
Rubber Insulated
Mains Cable Length (m)
7.5 m
Maximum Wattage of Connected Tool (W)
Dimensions - L x W x H (mm)
470 x 320 x 495 mm
Weight (kg)
11.3 kg
Customer Questions
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Although the competitors Bluetooth battery is not compatible with Festool Bluetooth, you can use the...
Can the main filter be cleaned at all? Perhaps with another dust extractor just to pull the visible soiling off the surface of the flutes of the filter?
Best practice for a clogged filter is changeover as the dust can inpregnate into the filter folds an...
is it possible to store or transport my dust extractor on its side?
It can be transported on it side but the dust may find its way back down the inlet to the hose. A wa...
Is it possible to change the filter of a CTM midi to a Hepa filter
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Yes, you can use the Cyclone Separator on the CTM Midi
How can a CTM Midi or CT 26/36 (with a Bluetooth module) be connected to a cordless tool?
Please see this great video by Macca for a straightforward explanation!   
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Does Festool offer an 18v/240V Dust Extractor?
Currently there’s no such option available in the Festool tool range. 
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