Planers serve a number of unique purposes that other tools do not; 1) they make the second face of a board parallel to the other face; 2) It smooths rough stock; and 3) It reduces stock down to the exact thickness you need.

If you really want to get into woodworking, a thickness planer from Festool is exactly the tool you need for a smooth, quality finish. Our extensive range of planers and planer heads for sale create perfectly smooth surfaces as well as distressed or rough hewn effects. Create exotic textures and add character to your work by simply replacing the standard planer head with Festool's rustic head. Produce fine or coarse wavy textures, or a scalloped effect to mimic a hand-hewn appearance. Our spiral cutter engages the material with a slicing action, similar to that of a skewed angle hand plane, generating less chatter and a smoother cut.

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