Aluminium Groove Cutter

Precise, quick and neat -- Festool's highly-rated aluminium groove cutters are the perfect solution to any construction project. Festool's aluminium composite milling machines are ideal for anyone working with aluminium composite panels such as Alucobond, Alupanel or Dibond. At just under 5.4 kilos, our aluminium groove cutters are also suitable for mobile exhibition and façade construction applications due to their lightweight and compact size - say goodbye to lugging heavy machinery around all day long!

Our specially designed feeler rollers allow you to adjust the routing depth to suit different material thickness and a brake prevents excessive roller speed. As an added bonus, our strong and sturdy (1200W Brushed Motor) aluminium groove cutters pair perfectly with any Festool Dust Extractor to ensure maximum suction power and immediate removal of chips for your health and safety. Ensure that you are not breathing in harmful particles whilst at work by pairing up two of Festool's best sellers.

Call us on 1300 063 900 or book a free demo today so you can experience the quality difference for yourself!

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