Ergonomic, lightweight and handy – Festool's range of CARVEX Jigsaw blade sets work quickly and comfortably in any position. Our CARVEX Jigsaws operate at 3800 strokes per minute for inevitably powerful cutting strokes and unbeatable profile-cutting capacity.

It is common knowledge that power only becomes a valuable resource when it is combined with exceptional precision. That is exactly the approach we have taken with a redesigned hammer guide for an unprecedented degree of accuracy. The parallel adjustable guidance jaws on all our jigsaws keep the saw blade on track and guarantee maximum precision. Our jigsaw blades are designed for perfect sink and kitchen cutouts, trimming work on furniture, kitchens, interior fitting, cutting circles and curves, coping end strips, cutting workpieces to length and edge notching on beams.

Explore our range that includes blades for the PS 420 CARVEX Barrel Grip Jigsaw, PS 300 TRION Barrel Grip Jigsaw in Systainer and many more.

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