Adapter Base Plate For Guide Rail and Circle Cutter Attachment for CARVEX

Increase the capacity of your jigsaw

for PS(C) 400/420, PSB(C) 400/420

ADT for PS 400
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Adapter Base Plate for using the PS Jigsaw with a guide rail or for installation in the Compact Module System (CMS) or in conjunction with circle cutting attachment KS-PS 400.

Jigsaw Adapter Base Plate
Customer Questions
I am not happy with the repair, how can I get in touch?
If you are not satisfied with how your repair was handled or the outcome you can either contact our ...
How far can silica dust travel?
“Silica dust less than 10 μm is light enough and has enough surface area to stay airborne long en...
Can a cable holder fitted to the CT 15?
You can either fit a handle which also includes a cable holder, part no.204310 (https://www.festool....
What is the part number for the Grub Screws in the Guide Rail Connector/Joiner?
The part number for the self aligning guide rail connector is 10493818 
Do I need to use a base plate for the circle cutter attachment on jigsaw?
Yes you have to use the jigsaw adapter base plate for precise circular cuts 
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