How to unpair a bluetooth remote control connection
To disconnect the remote control from the mobile dust extractor: simultaneously press both green but...
Can Bluetooth module be added to the older CT Midi?
Unfortunately you cannot add the bluetooth (part number 202097) to the older version CT Midi. 
Can I pair my non Festool bluetooth tool to the Bluetooth on my dust extractor?
No, a non Festool bluetooth tool cannot be paired to the Festool Dust Extractor. If wanting to use o...
Can I use the bluetooth app on my new Planex 2 225?
Unfortunately the bluetooth app isn't available in Australia just yet. 
Does the Bluetooth still work while a corded tool is connected to a dust extractor?
The Bluetooth switch still works with a Festool remote or a Festool Bluetooth battery even if ther...
Is the CT 15 bluetooth compatible?
No, bluetooth cannot be used with this dust extractor.