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18V Li-Ion 5.0 Ah Airstream Bluetooth Battery Pack

BP 18 Li 5.0 ASI EU
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for all 18-volt devices (except ETSC 125, RTSC 400, DTSC 400, CTC SYS)

Suitable for all applications and machines in the Festool 18 V range, the 5.0 Ah battery pack provides sufficient power for all applications.

The powerful all-rounder performs impressively with excellent output and long running times per battery charge because of the perfect combination of the battery pack with our brushless EC-TEC motors.

Thanks to AIRSTREAM technology, the battery pack is actively cooled with the AIRSTREAM rapid charger before and during the charging procedure, meaning that it is ready for use again extremely quickly with maximum charging power.

Equipped with Bluetooth®, a paired mobile dust extractor starts automatically when the cordless tool is switched on.

Additionally, when used in conjunction with the Festool Work app, you can find detailed information about the charge status and operating data, such as the temperature or charge cycles. And, of course, it is fully covered by Festool Service.

  • Powerful all-rounder: 5.0 Ah battery packs for endurance and power development for all applications
  • Quicker charging: In combination with the SCA 8 AIRSTREAM rapid charger, the battery pack is charged quickly and effectively with active cooling before and during the charging procedure
  • Practical: LED display quickly shows the remaining battery capacity
  • Safe: All-round frame made from soft-grip material for protecting the machine and setting it down safely on inclined surfaces
  • Convenient: Bluetooth® enables the CLEANTEC mobile dust extractor to be started automatically when the cordless tool is switched on (use of a Bluetooth®-compatible mobile dust extractor is required)
  • With smart extensions: The Festool WorkApp enables clever additional functions in combination with the Bluetooth® function of the battery pack, such as the detailed display of the charging status and further operating data such as temperature or charging cycles. To quickly and easily identify the battery with the lowest charge status, you can flash the LED indicator directly on the battery pack. Software updates are also possible: Install the newest version to work with the latest tool functions at all times
  • For stress-free work: The battery packs are, of course, completely covered with Festool Service
  • Bluetooth® enables the CLEANTEC mobile dust extractor to be started automatically when the cordless tool is switched on (Bluetooth®-compatible mobile dust extractor is required)
  • Bluetooth® lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery pack with AIRSTREAM function for all Festool 18 V cordless tools (except ETSC 125, RTSC 400, DTSC 400, CTC SYS)

Main applications

  • Powerful cordless all-rounder with optional activation for direct extraction via Bluetooth®
  • For all uses, e.g. sawing, separating, drilling, screwdriving

Technical Data

Battery Voltage (V)
18 V
Battery Capacity (Ah)
5.00 Ah
Weight (kg)
0.70 kg
Technology ie. Bluetooth


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