TCL 6 Duo Rapid Battery Charger

Available in December 2022, subject to supplier availability and shipping

For charging two Li-ion battery packs at the same time

quick charger TCL 6 DUO AU
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On its two spaces, the DUO rapid charger charges two battery packs at the same time.

Particularly practical: You no longer need to look for another socket for a second charger – making work easy and saving time on construction sites, in workshops and in vehicles.

Suitable for virtually all battery packs from the 10.8 V, 14.4 V and 18 V classes, whether Li-HighPower Compact battery packs, the handy Ergo battery packs or all AIRSTREAM variants (with the exception of: BP-XS for CXS/TXS 10.8 V).

The separate LED indicators for charging progress on the two charging spaces indicate the current charge status of each battery pack at any time.

Tech Specs
Weight (kg)
1.5 kg
Charging Current ie. 6 A
2 x 6,0 A
Input Voltage ie. 220V - 240V
220 - 240 V
TCL 6 DUO rapid charger
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