18V Li-Ion 8 Ah Airstream Bluetooth High Power Battery Pack

Available in April 2023, subject to supplier availability and shipping

18 Li 8,0 HP-ASI
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With 16 amperes of charging current, the SCA 16 can charge twice as fast as its predecessor. This means that the 8.0 Ah Li-HighPower battery pack is ready for use again in just 27 minutes.

Suitable for virtually all battery packs from the 10.8 V, 14.4 V and 18 V classes, whether Li-HighPower Compact battery packs, the handy Ergo packs, or all AIRSTREAM variants (with the exception of: BP-XS for CXS/TXS 10.8 V).

Battery packs heat up during heavy-duty applications, but this is now no longer a problem in terms of charging, thanks to the AIRSTREAM function. The SCA 16 cools the battery pack before and during the charging procedure.

Also, in order to save energy, it is only applied when it is technically necessary and sensible to do so, this way, the maximum possible charging performance for the fastest reuse is achieved. This means your batteries will be ready when you need them!


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18V Li-Ion 8 Ah Airstream Bluetooth High Power Battery Pack
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