Tools tailored for bespoke furniture makers


Jeremy runs JD. Lee Furniture, a small business that designs and builds hand-crafted furniture on the NSW North Coast.

Having been using Festool for years, Jeremy trusts the tools and depends on them for efficiency and versatility in his work. He’s got dust extractors, sanders, Domino machines and a router, so there’s a nice little collection in the works.

To him, Festool tools are incremental to the quality of his furniture.

A recent dresser build gave Jeremy the chance to use the VS 600 Dovetail Joining System with his OF 1400 plunge router, so we got in touch to hear his thoughts on the setup.


“The VS 600 dovetail jig gave me the extra length and support to produce quality dovetails for the body of the dresser, being capable of shaping to a cabinet depth of 600mm.”



“The dual side setup made the half blind dovetails on the draws easy and efficient to produce. Maintaining the Festool tool quality and functionality, the jig easily swaps templates to suit each process and with a flick of the side knobs you are ready to go, no mucking around.”



“With four draws to produce, having both sides pre-set for each jig made easy work of a difficult process and produced some quality joinery.”



Check out this video to see Jeremy doing his thing. 



That's one stunning dresser!

Equipment like the VS 600 makes it easy to replicate finicky build tasks without compromising quality and craftsmanship. It's Festool's next-level awareness of the making process across various Trades that enables the design of such tailored solutions that help you work faster, easier and better. 


To find out more about Jeremy’s work, visit his website or check out his Instagram account.