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  1. Systainablity: New Products, Great offers.

    Systainablity: New Products, Great offers.

    It’s that time again!

    New products, hot offers and exciting news!

    First up, Festool is very excited to announce the new TSC 55K Cordless Plunge Cut Saw. This is the Festool cordless masterpiece, decisively improved in many key areas to take this precision saw to the next level.

    So, how has this incredible saw been improved?

    The TSC 55K now has the unique KickbackStop, dangerous kickbacks are now a thing of the past using the TSC 55K. Forget worrying about serious injury from blades jamming or kicking, our intelligent KickbackStop technology ensures the saw blade in our cordless plunge saw stops in a millisecond, the backward motion of the saw is immediately halted protecting both the workpiece and you.

    Optimal safety.

    TSC 55KCombined with new saw blade technology, extended battery range, and concentrated t

  2. perfect duo sanders and dust-extractors

    A perfect duo: Sanders and Dust Extractors

    Any professional tradesperson knows that a key to producing a quality job is in the preparation. If a surface is perfectly prepped then applying oils, varnishing or paint becomes easier and there is less need for reworking.