perfect duo sanders and dust-extractors
Any professional tradesperson knows that the key to producing a quality job is in the preparation. If a surface is perfectly prepped then applying oils, varnishing or paint becomes easier and there is less need for reworking. And there are two key products that makes this incredible easy - a sander and dust extraction.

Using a sander in combination with a mobile dust extractor, like the Festool CTM MIDI, has multiple benefits. By extracting the dust produced when sanding at the source, your working environment is cleaner. Sanding produces fine dust that can quickly enter the lungs. Pairing your sander with a dust extractor enables you to protect your health by working dust free.

It also means there less time spent on cleaning up and less dust around, making your job easier. When working in residential properties using a sander with a dust extractor this hugely benefits your client; with less dust there is less of an impact on their home.

Pairing the right sander with a dust extractor vastly improves the sanders efficiency. Festool sanders are specifically designed to work with a dust extractor. The ETSC 125 sander for example has a bayonet fitting system that enable it to be connected securely to a Festool dust extractor or to a long-life dust collection bag for more mobile working.

Features on the sanders like the patented Multi-Jetstream principle helps maximum dust extraction and therefore maximum sanding performance

There are obviously other elements of a sander to consider depending on the quality of the surface and the result you want to achieve. For example, during restorations, you may want to lightly sand a door and keep it free from circular or ridged sanding marks.

The Festool ETSC 125 eccentric sander has a combined oscillating and rotary motion, which minimises sanding marks. And the small sanding stroke of two-millimeter makes it ideal for fine sanding. In contrast, longer sanding strokes of five to seven millimeters allow you to remove a large amount of material for coarse sanding. So, if you need to remove large amounts of layered paint and varnish, a sander with a forced eccentric rotation like the ROTEX RO 150 would enable you to do this quickly. The gear unit, along with the five-millimeter sanding stroke, considerably increases the material removal rate.

With proper preparation being key to delivering professional results, why wouldn’t you make the preparation stage of your job as simple and efficient as possible? With a system approach that combines the right sander and dust extractor you can prep easily.

To discover more about the Festool sander and dust extraction system, visit our Dust hub, our Painter's Page or check out the full range of sanders.

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