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  1. Habits of Productive & Successful Tradies

    10 Habits of Productive and Successful Tradies

    Learn the routines and practices that work for others
  2. New Spring Promotion

    New Spring Promotion

    Along with Spring comes our latest promotion! Here are the key links and information. 
  3. Avoid illnesses and fines from hazardous dust

    Avoid illnesses and fines from hazardous dust

    Ditch the 'she'll be right' attitude, it's time to take dust safety seriously. We've prepared a bunch of resources to help you protect your workers and your business.
  4. silica dust faq

    A must-read for tradies: Silica dust questions answered

    Silica Dust Frequently Asked Questions
  5. new_planex_drywall_sander_july_2020

    New Festool products arriving Down Under soon

    Here's what's coming and when
  6. T18-drill-vs-PDC18-drill-driver

    Compared! T 18 Drill vs PDC 18 Hammer Drill

    Check out Macca's comparison videos to help you pick the right drill for the job
  7. M Class Dust Explained

    Explained: M Class Dust

    With all this talk of M Class dust and extraction, what does it actually mean?
  8. CT 15 dust vacuum vs CTM MIDI dust extractor

    CT 15 vs CTM MIDI: How do they compare?

    Two very different 15-litre dust extractors
  9. New CT 15 HEPA clean up vacuum

    New Festool clean-up vacuum

    Purpose-built to make cleaning as easy as possible for you
  10. Coming Soon Festool TKS 80 Table Saw with SawStop technology

    COMING SOON – New Festool table saw with SawStop technology

    Innovation that keeps you safer – the new SawStop technology.