Nothing better than the ISC 240 for cutting insulation

If you've ever had to work with insulation material, you know it's a nightmare to cut to size. You have to hack away at it and it's so messy. 

Festool felt this way too, and that's where the ISC 240 cordless insulation saw comes in. 

Originally launched globally in 2018, it's never been available in Australia... until now (you can pre-order here). 

There's basically two main uses cases for Aussie tradies, and they are: 

1) Using the tool with the serrated saw blade to cut flexible insulating materials like glass wool, rock wool and natural fibres 

2) Using the tool with the cross-set saw blade to cut PUR (polyurethane hard foam) and polystyrene insulating boards 

You might already use a recip saw or hand saw to cut these materials, but trust us, this purpose-built weapon will slice insulation 10x better. 

Check out this video to see all the tool's features and to learn how it works.



That's cordless you can count on!