Kustom Timber Festool Tools

Kustom Timber specialises in laying engineered timber flooring and pride themselves on creating a next-level result for their clients.  

While laying floorboards may look easy when you watch the professionals at work, there are a range of risks at play (mismatching, peaking, cupping) and an excruciatingly small margin for error – if something is even a tiny bit out in premium flooring, you notice it, and in a big way.  

But the flip side is that a quality job done by experienced craftsman can surpass ‘good’ and ‘great’, achieving a truly ‘stunning’ visual impact. What’s more, it’ll last and look better for longer. Happy clients!  

So, precision counts for everything. Each craftsman must be 100% accurate. All material must be perfect. And every cut must be millimetre perfect, hence why Kustom Timber relies on a range of Festool tools.  

Mark, the Director at Kustom Timber, outlines a few of their favourites and the role each plays in their work.  


Festool Kapex 120 Drop Saw 

“This is our company’s workhorse. A precise saw that cuts clean, sharp and accurate every time. Foldable, so we can chuck them in and out of our vans and utes easily and quickly. Wheels on the back makes for ease of use when on the work site, from room to room and changing location. Very good dust extraction when paired with the any of the larger Festool Vacs.” 

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TS55 Track Saw 

“A little ripper of a saw. So good we have one in every vehicle. Extremely accurate for cutting borders, inlays, into doorways. The only way to cut a clean straight line. This saw can just about to anything and everything you can throw at it.” 

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The CT36 Dust Extractor 

“To put it simply, one seriously powerful vacuum. This vac could suck the chrome off a tow ball. Saw dust, dust extraction, concrete dust, this girl has you covered. Sturdy, tough reliable. On wheels and goes everywhere we do. We would not leave home without this piece of arsenal in out kitty.” 

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You can learn more about Kustom Timber by visiting their website, calling them on (03) 8609 6027, and checking out their sensational Instagram account.