Customer Feature - Indi from Tiny Homes Australia

Indy owns Hangan Construction, a family run business operating out of Ringwood, Victoria. He also runs Tiny Homes
Australia, a leading building of tiny homes with 40 staff on hand. For years, he’s relied on the quality of Festool for
his finishes, particularly when it comes to building tiny homes.

With limited space, clients want to get as much out of their tiny homes as possible so creativity and the quality of
finish really come to the fore. That’s where Indi and his team excels, taking a clever design and bringing it to life in
stunning fashion. Every surface and feature is immaculate – a combination of strong craftsmanship and quality tools.
Have a watch to learn more about Indi’s business, his processes, and the role Festool plays in the sensational tiny
homes he and his team builds.

You can find out more about Hangan Construction / Tiny Homes Australia and their projects at their website:
You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook.

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