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for TS 60 K

The parallel stop makes it easy to produce parallel cuts along the edge of the workpiece.

  • Ideal for separating longer workpieces
  • Workpiece widths can range from 190 mm to 330 mm when fitted to side of motor
  • Workpiece widths can range from 37 mm to 155 mm when fitted to side of saw blade
  • Lower overhang below machine table: 15 mm
  • can also be used as table extension
  • parallel guide, guided on both sides

Main applications

  • Splitting boards and panel materials
  • Creating grooves

Technical Data

Workpiece Width (mm)
Min. Workpiece Width (mm)


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Can the TS 60K be used on the FS and FSk Guide Rail?
Yes, the TS 60K and the TSV 60K can be used on all guiderails in the Festool range. 
Do TS 60 plunge saw blades fit the CSC 50 cordless table saw?
Yes.The TS 60K plunge saw blades will fit on both the TSV 60K and the CSC SYS 50 saws.For the ful
Do you need the same screws for part number 491469 Parallel Side fence in order to use the dust cover 577341?
Yes, you will need the same screws for the dust cover for the TS 55 range. 
How do I use the Parallel Side fence for Festool Saws?
See the video below for a guide on how to use the parallel side fence for a Festool Saw 
Which Parallel fence guide suit which saws?
 The 491469 parallel Side Fence is suitable for the TS 55, and the 576912 parallel side fence