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Parallel Side Fence for TS 75

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Parallel Edge Guide enables guided, parallel cutting with the TS 75 Plunge Cut Saw. Can be used for parallel rip cutting with the TS 75 saw, independent of FS guide rails. Attaches to both sides of the saw for short side or broad side cuts. Rip capacity from the blade side up to 300 mm and on the motor side up to 95 mm.

Technical Data

Workpiece Width (mm)
100 mm


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Can the protective material on the inside of the TS 75's blade flanges be replaced?
The Clamping Flange and the Counter Flange are available as spare parts however the protective mater
Do you need the same screws for part number 491469 Parallel Side fence in order to use the dust cover 577341?
Yes, you will need the same screws for the dust cover for the TS 55 range. 
How do I use the Parallel Side fence for Festool Saws?
See the video below for a guide on how to use the parallel side fence for a Festool Saw 
Which Parallel fence guide suit which saws?
 The 491469 parallel Side Fence is suitable for the TS 55, and the 576912 parallel side fence