Avoid illnesses and fines from hazardous dust


Ditch the 'she'll be right' attitude, it's time to take dust safety seriously.

Poor work practices and inadequate equipment means thousands of Aussie tradies are being exposed to hazardous dust every day. In fact, the Cancer Council estimates that around 600,000 tradies are exposed to Silica dust every year. Over time, such exposure can lead to life-threatening illnesses such as Silicosis and lung cancer. And these same poor work practices can put your business at risk of hefty fines as well. 



We've compiled a range of resources to help increase awareness about the importance of dust safety and empower you to lead by example.

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Identify: Are you at risk? Take the Dust Safety quiz

Download: 3 step guide to dust-safe working 

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Browse: Festool's industry-leading dust extraction solutions 


So go on, be a leader and take action today.