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Cordless You Can Count On 

Cordless tools are brilliant for tradies, as we're sure you'd agree. They're easy to grab and move around with, they're convenient, and the power on them is pretty good these days. The only thing is that many don't last long and often need replacing pretty early on. And with cheaper options, you'll sometimes compromise on quality because they lack the technology for smooth performance and decent results. 

That's why you can count on Festool cordless. In the time it takes for other options to fail once (if not more), your Festool will still be going strong. Plus, the high-performing Festool EC-TEC brushless motor has smart electronics that adjust the speed to match the material and saves on battery juice.

Sure, other cordless options may be 'cheaper' when you buy them, but are they really more 'affordable' down the track?

With Festool you get superior results, longer uninterrupted working, and the best part, far lower tool-replacement costs. 

And this applies to the new impact driver too. Have a squiz at the kits especially because if you do the maths, you'll notice they're absolutely cracking value!


It's Time To Take Dust Safety Seriously

The Cancer Council estimates that over 600,000 Aussie tradies are dangerously exposed to hazardous Silica dust every year, which can lead to serious illness. If you haven't already, it's time to school up on your dust safety to protect yourself, your workers, and ensure your business avoids hefty fines and penalties that are being handed out.

Get started with this free guide that gives you a complete run-down on managing hazardous dust. 


PLANEX - A lifetime Investment 

Do you know why the Festool PLANEX drywall sander stands out from the rest?

Well, it's first important to note that this type of 'long neck' sander traditionally has more issues. With older designs, the motor and pad are at opposite ends exposing the connecting electronics to being easily damaged.

The Festool PLANEX, however, is designed with the motor in the head with the pad so the electronics are fully protected making it much more durable than other options. 

Check out the PLANEX package options below. Save big on Sets. 


New Tools

TKS 80 SawStop Table Saw (pre-order now to be among the very first Aussies to own one)

4.5L L Class Dust Extractor

26L H Class Dust Extractor


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