How to choose the right dust extractor system for different types of dust

The world of dust safety is complex. It’s not easy to know when you’re at risk or what equipment you can 100% rely on to protect you, your team and your clients from hazardous dusts. But you need this knowledge, and you need to be confident in the tools you’re using.  

Festool offers a range of dust extraction units that covers ALL dust classes, from L (low risk) to M (medium risk) to H (high risk). No matter what type of dust you’re working with, there’s a Festool dust extractor for the job.  

Currently, the most topical dust-related hazard is exposure to Crystalline Silica which can cause a range of severe respiratory illnesses and is commonly found in materials like engineered stone, cement products, sand and mortar. A Festool M Class or H Class dust extractor is the safest choice when working with these materials. 

Keep in mind though that a dust extractor is only one part of the system; the tools you use can also impact how much dust you’re exposed to. So, for the safest result when working with potentially dangerous dusts, pair a Festool dust extractor with a Festool power tool. Our tools are designed for superior dust capture at the point of contact, meaning you can be totally confident that you’re working dust-free.

For a full list of what Festool dust extractor and power tool are best for a variety of common building materials, download the guide below. For a tailored recommendation, we can come out to see you on-site with a dust extraction system for you to try - book your consult here

Hazardous Dust Brochure Download



We hope all this information helps you understand where the risks lie and enables you to make a confident decision about the safest dust extraction solution for you and your business.  

If you have any questions about the Festool dust extraction range or dust safety more broadly, please contact Festool Australia on 1300 063 900 and an expert will gladly assist you.