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Smooth and even more effortless – for perfect sliding over the surface.

  • Robust, smooth outer skin prevents the suction hose from becoming caught
  • Internal, extremely elastic suction hose for maximum flexibility
  • Conical geometry (32 mm to 36 mm) for improved suction power optimised for dust extractors with Autoclean
  • With RFID chip for automatic suction hose detection
  • Antistatic
  • Temperature-resistant to +70 °C
  • For masonry renovation and cleaning work
  • Smooth
  • Conical

Product Details

Smooth exterior

The smooth outer skin and the flexible extractor hose on the inside ensure perfect sliding without becoming caught.

Conical geometry for improved suction

Reduced friction, increased air flow rate and better extraction as a result.

Automatic suction hose detection

The RFID chip on the rotating adapter allows the CTM MIDI to automatically adjust to the correct suction hose diameter.

Technical Data

Length (mm)
3.5 m
Hose Diameter (mm)
36 /32 mm
Antistatic Function
Dust extractors and tools with antistatic function to prevent static buildup when working.


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