Rubin Abrasive Sheet 80 mm x 133 mm

Faster material removal
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499047Rubin Abrasive Sheet 80mm x 133mm P60 - 50 Pack P60 50
499055Rubin Abrasive Sheet 80mm x 133mm P60 - 10 Pack P60 1
499048Rubin Abrasive Sheet 80mm x 133mm P80 - 50 Pack P80 50
499049Rubin Abrasive Sheet 80mm x 133mm P100 - 50 Pack P100 50
499050Rubin Abrasive Sheet 80mm x 133mm P120 - 50 Pack P120 50
499051Rubin Abrasive Sheet 80mm x 133mm P150 - 50 Pack P150 50
499052Rubin Abrasive Sheet 80mm x 133mm P180 - 50 Pack P150 50
499053Rubin Abrasive Sheet 80mm x 133mm P220 - 50 Pack P220 50

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The 80 mm x 133 mm StickFix Rubin 2 sanding sheets are an ideal abrasive for hardwoods and softwoods, wood composites, and veneers. Rubin 2 sanding sheets range from P40 for rough surface finishes or to prep for higher grits up to P220 grit abrasives for finish sanding on softer woods. Durable closed coated aluminium oxide sheds wood fibres as it abrades material surface, leading to faster material removal and a cleaner finish. Jetstream design delivers highly efficient dust removal, resulting in cleaner air and better finishes. StickFix hook and loop design for quick and efficient abrasive changes.

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