DSC 125mm Diamond Cutting System in Systainer with 800mm Guide Rail

Includes the FS 800/2 Guide Rail

DSC-AG 125-Plus
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Precise cutting without dust.

The diamond cutting system with a cutting depth up to 27 mm. With this system dusty atmospheres during cutting and sanding work become a thing of the past. The harmful dust is reliably extracted, the user's health is protected thus enabling free view of the workpiece. Together with the matching accessories and the consumables the optimal solution for efficient, cleaner and precise work is created.

  • Cutting system with efficient dust extraction, protects health
  • Guide table with easy-running rollers for accurate guidance along the workpiece
  • Vision panel provides a clear view of the cutting line
  • Plunge cut function: start cutting at any point on the workpiece
  • Suitable for use with Festool guide rail for precision cutting

Main applications

  • Quick and dust-free cutting of mineral materials
  • Sections for doors/windows, expansion joints in floor areas, grooves for pipes
Unbeatable precision

The DSC-AG 125 diamond cutting system with its efficient dust extraction system protects your health when working. In combination with the Festool guide rail, precise cuts can be made to doors, windows, grooves and expansion joints in the floor area.

Cutting building materials with minimal dust

With the DSC-AG 125 diamond cutting system for clean and precise work up to a cutting depth of 27 mm.

Precise and clean

Thanks to the plunge cut function on the DSC-AG 125, the cutting can commence at any point on the floor.

Dust-free even without a rail

The addition to the diamond cutting system – the DSC-AG 125 FH freehand cutting system for free-hand cuts on mineral panel materials, when repairing cracks or carrying out repairs on masonry. Even close to the edge.

Tech Specs
Tool Weight (kg)
2.90 kg
Front Clearance (mm)
16.00 mm
Side Clearance (mm)
23.00 mm
No Load Speed (rpm)
3 500 - 11 000 min⁻¹
Dust Extraction Connection Diameter (mm)
36/27 mm
Power Consumption (W or kW)
1 400 W
Disc Diameter (mm)
125 mm
Cutting Depth (mm)
27 mm
1 x DSG 125 125 mm Diamond Grinder
ALL-D125 Premium Cutting Disc
Extraction hood DCC-AG 125 FH
Auxiliary handle VIBRASTOP
Plate TP-DSC-AG 125 FH
Systainer SYS3 M 187
Customer Questions
I am not happy with the repair, how can I get in touch?
If you are not satisfied with how your repair was handled or the outcome you can either contact our ...
How far can silica dust travel?
“Silica dust less than 10 μm is light enough and has enough surface area to stay airborne long en...
Can a cable holder fitted to the CT 15?
You can either fit a handle which also includes a cable holder, part no.204310 (https://www.festool....
What is the part number for the Grub Screws in the Guide Rail Connector/Joiner?
The part number for the self aligning guide rail connector is 10493818 
Can I convert my AGC 18 Angle Grinder to the DSC -AG 125 Freehand Diamond Cutter ?
Yes, Festool makes a conversion kit (part number F28722) that will convert your AGC 18 to DSC 125
Can I use a corded DSC 125 or cordless AGC 125 to grind off paint? What parts do I need ?
Only the corded DSC 125 can be used in conjunction with the 769076 hood and a paint grinding disc ...
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