Most cost-effective 4-in-1 tool

  • Covers most applications
  • Triangle attachment for sanding corners and tight spots
  • Triangle sanding pad can be turned around to extend sanding pad life time​

ETS 150/5

Popular all-rounder for painters

  • Great all-purpose sander
  • Low profile and low vibration for perfect ergonomics
  • 5 mm stroke and 150mm surface pad for highly efficient surface removal​

CTM MIDI-I 15l M Class Dust Extractor

    Small extractor, big on performance

  • Suitable for both wet and dry extraction (special wet filter required for wet extraction)
  • Ideal for mobile use and for final cleaning
  • For hazardous dust with limit values ≥ 0.1 mg/m³
  • Level storage area for tools and consumables
  • Practical cord holder for tidiness and speed

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World's best sander Festool rotex 90!

See the RO 90 in action sanding an old window sash

Why Festool sanders have the best dust extraction

ETS Random Orbital Sander 150mm

ETS Random Orbital Sander 150mm

ETS Random Orbital Sander 150mm

What other painters think about Festool sanders

Awesome tool for sanding stairs!

Really versatile tool. Great for sanding and finishing hard to get places. Multiple head attachments for every job. And the ceramic abrasives are fantastic. Would recommend to anyone. Really happy.

Dom about the RO 90

A very handy sander - we appreciate its versatility

We have two of these sanders within the company and will most probably purchase more in the near future because of the ability to change the heads and get into tight corners, yet still have a 90mm round head for sanding larger areas. The Rotex RO 90 sander is perfect for sanding architraves and window frames.

Matthew Pauli about the RO 90

Pinnacle of excellence

Last one lasted 16 years, another 16 from this one.great product backed by good warranty, new dust extraction on pad works a treat, there isn’t a better quality product in existence

Shane about the ETS 150

It's amazing to all kind of preparations

Great sander - I love the speed control, the different hardness pads you can get with it. Really good for fine finishing timber. I especially love the box it comes in, plenty of space for the power cord and accessories without feeling like you will never get the lid shut again after the first time opening it. It’s great and it makes me happy, not frustrated. The power cord fits easily in the box whether it is attached or removed from the sander.

0nemrechnce about the ETS 150

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The EC means that the sander comes with a brushless motor. This will significantly increase the life span of your sander, but will also make it a little heavier.

Both sanders have a pad size diameter of 150mm. The numbers 5 and 3 stand for stroke size, which determines the speed of surface removal. For instance, if you use P80 sanding paper on both sanders, the ETS 150/5 will remove the material faster.Watch this video for more information.

Get the ROTEX 150 – it’s perfect for the job as it comes with the largest pad size and a geared mode for super serious surface removal.

Yes, the DTSC 400 or DTS 400. Apart from the sanding shape, the tools are very different. Watch this video for a comparison.

We've got you! Download the Sander Selector. It's the first of it's and nicely classifies all sanders based on for instance weight or application. Or use our filter selection and find the perfect sander for you.

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