Cordless Drills Buying Guide: The Right Tool For The Right Job

10th September, 2018

Author: Festool Australia Marketing Team

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Video Transcript

Let’s take a look at drills and talk about a few applications in this power drills buying guide. Well also talk about some purchasing considerations you need to make when you're looking at buying a drill.

Obviously different drills are used for different applications. We could be working with masonry. We could be working in concrete, timber, solid timber, chipboard, etc. We could be working with a combination of these. Some drills will give you the benefit of being more versatile, depending on what their makeup is. Obviously for other applications where we’re getting into tight spots, we might need something fairly compact.

This gives us an easy choice about what sort of drill we're going to use. One thing to look at is how much versatility there's going to be in the tool. Think about what types of accessories come with that drill. That helps you use the versatility to make it useful for a lot of different applications. 

When we look at these systems here, you can see the difference in the drills. We've got some small, very compact units. We might be working in tighter cupboards, cabinets and things like that. The added benefit is we can use right angle attachments with it. We can lock a right angle attachment to it and we can work in really compact areas.

The other buildup of it is that we can use a system around that so we've got a Centrotec chuck and this why we are able to use different types of accessories on it. This enables fast change over, to make it work even more quickly. We've got our fast fix chucks. These allow us to work really compactly. We can put up a driver bit directly into the front of the unit; we work with something that's really compact. With a drill like that, we can get direct force behind the back of the drill to make it easy to push into confined areas. All the drills have their system of accessories and chucks.

You can see right angle chucks and offset chucks allow us to drive in the corners. We have depth stops too. All these things mean that we can we can use something to the best of its ability for a variety of different applications. One thing to note as well is when you are buying a drill, think about the type of build quality it is. Particularly these ones you're looking at in front here, these are brushless motors. These have all got eight pole motors which make them really efficient with their battery life. They also give us really high torque at low speeds. There are some benefits in the way. the motors are built and this is something that you can't really see in there.

The system around it makes it more beneficial for you to use. All these tools here, charges as well as the batteries are all backed with our 36 month warranty. When making your purchase decision, make sure that the whole connection between battery charger and drill works efficiently. This in turn this is what gives us the best adaptable system possible.

If you like these tools, you can always call one of our technical sales consultants. He’ll come onsite and you can see the drill, you can use the drill, you can have a look at the whole system. Then you can make a good decision on how you should proceed.

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