HKC 55 cordless portable Circular Saw review

9th October, 2015

Author: Matt Page - What Tradies Want Magazine

The easy, safe and powerful HKC 55 Cordless Portable Circular Saw

Festool has once again upped the ante with the release of their brand-new HKC 55 Cordless Circular Saw and FSK guide rails, which have been carefully designed down to the smallest detail.

The 18V HKC 55 has a brushless EC-TEC motor and with 4.2 Ah batteries, packs some serious portable cutting power. Use together with the new guide rail and you also have portable precision. The HKC 55 and the FSK guide rail can couple together for effortless transport up a scaffold or roof and then are easily detached using the quick-release fastener.

The stop system, with fixed positioning pin and adjustable angle stop for cuts up to 60 degrees is great in both directions and even the most common angle settings click into place, which is a great time-saving and precise feature!

Another thing I liked is this saws unique plunge cut feature that can adjust to preset cutting depths.
Everything is a pleasure to use on the Festool HKC 55 and could not be easier, which significantly increases productivity on the job site. The depth adjuster allows for millimeter increments, which I found really useful. It can also be used in conjunction with the plunge cutting feature, spring loaded protective hood and guide wedge.
I really liked the convenient position of the ackled lever which sits near the handle to control the pendulum hood, allowing for easier sawing.

Ergonomic on the new HKC 55 are amazing. The tool has an excellent centre of gravity, which is great for cutting back rafters or where good balance is needed. It just feels right to hold and everything is located in easy to see positions.

Festool are the inventors of the guide rails system for this type of application and if you haven’t used one, then you don’t know what you are missing out on. It makes clean, straight cuts so simple. The new FSK guide rail is available in three different lengths, 250mm, 420mm and 670mm with specially designed guide rail bags available to protect them.

It is also worth noting for existing Festool owners that accessories from the TS range can be used with this saw plus there’s three different blades available for different quality cuts.
If you are looking at entering the amazing Festool world, the HKC 55 truly is the Rolls Roce of saws! Check out the full list of features; there are way too many for just a few words to do them justice. Have a go and you will be hooked!


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