Guide Rail 1400mm for LR 32 System

Quick and precise hole placement
FS 1400/2 for LR 32
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Made from anodized aluminium, Festool Guide rails with Positioning Holes are available in 1400 mm and 2424 mm lengths. These guide rails are designed specifically to construct cabinets using the European frameless 32 mm system for shelf pins and hardware. Quickly and easily align and machine holes for shelf pins and 35 millimetre cup hinges. The integrated splinterguard aligns perfectly to your cut line, saving set up time and serving as protection against tear out, on cuts both with the grain and across. Non skid, dual clamping rubber strips prevent movement during the cutting operation, saving significant set up time.

Precise 32 mm holes

Create precise rows of holes spaced 32 mm apart with your guide rail, the LR 32 system and a Festool router.

Tool free adjustment

Adjust the guidance jaws on your circular saw to fit the guide rail without using tools.

Splinter free cuts

The splinter guards positioned directly on the scribe line prevent the edges from splintering, even on angled cuts.

Quick for diagonal cuts

Use your guide rail with the combination bevel, angles become easy to transfer from the workpiece or wall

Precision results

Scribe a line, align the guide rail and cut. Zero play guidance ensures no more time consuming planing work, saving you time and money.

Flawless guidance

Compatible with 17 Festool tools, the guide rail system is designed to make your work easier by providing a perfectly straight cut.

Tech Specs
Length (mm)
1400 mm or 1.4 m
FS 1400 mm Guide Rail for LR 32 mm Hole System
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