FS Guide Rail Rapid Clamp Left Set

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FS-Rapid L
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ETA: 28-07-2024

Fixed with a single hand movement.

Using the FS-Rapid quick-action clamp, the guide rail can be fixed to the workpiece via clamping on the side. This is done with a single hand movement. Not only is it very quick, but it also enables the rail to be clamped on workpieces for which clamps cannot be used.

  • The FS-RAPID/L quick-action clamp is specially developed for use with the SSU 200 and IS 330 sword saws thanks to the cutting angle adjustment to the left
  • May also be employed if no clamps can be used; for example, for thick bundles of insulating material
  • Time saving due to very quick fixing through just a single hand movement
  • No moving around the workpiece to release or tighten clamps
  • Soft rubber bearing points for workpiece protection and slip-resistance
  • Can be inserted into the clamp groove in all Festool guide rails
  • The clamping force of the clamping screws can be readjusted
  • for use of SSU 200, IS 330 with guide rail
  • for clamping and positioning with Festool guide rails

Main applications

  • For quick clamping and positioning of the Festool guide rail for thick bundles of insulating material
1 x Clamp
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