Depth Stop Adaptor Set for OSC

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ETA: 15-03-2024
  • Enables plunge cuts with a defined depth.
  • Contains two inserts: A rotating depth stop for plunge cuts and a sliding shoe for long, straight cuts.
  • Includes an adapter for fitting accessories without tools.
  • Working angle can be flexibly adjusted.

Main Applications

  • Cutting false joints right up to adjacent surfaces
  • Plunge cuts with a defined depth to protect the saw blade
  • Cutting all kinds of strips to length
  • Work right up to edges and corners and in difficult-to-reach places
Depth stop

For precisely defined plunge cuts – to protect the saw blade.

Tech Specs
Weight (kg)
Plunge Depth
Max. 56.00mm depth stop
Plunge Depth
Max. 20.00mm sliding shoe
Depth Setting (mm)
Notch scale on depth adjuster 1.50mm
Depth Stop adapter
OSC-A adapter
in self-service display pack
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