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4th April, 2016

Author: Festool Marketing Team

Festool SYSLITE DUO working light- producing precise work fast.

Light plays an essential part in the quality of your work. However, many companies use halogen lights that are usually low cost, not very robust and do not illuminate the workplace properly. Festool has identified this requirement and uses modern LED technology in its new SYSLITE DUO working light. The working light combines an illuminating power of 8000 lumen with a daylight like colour of 5000 Kelvin. Thanks to specially arranged LEDs, it achieves even illumination across 180° and also radiates evenly across large workspaces.

The SYSLITE DUO working light helps construction tradesmen, for example joiners, parquet floor layers, carpenters or floor tilers to produce more precise work. It assists painters in creating surfaces that are free of streaks and true to their colour. Even dark corners, cellars, roof conversions or floor areas that are difficult to look into can be worked on quickly and without tiring.

Compared with conventional LED lights, the working light features an angled LED configuration for all round light in a 180° scattering angle. At 5000 Kelvin, the light colour of the SYSLITE DUO replicates natural daylight and provides optimal illumination of space on construction sites: Two factors which have a positive effect both for the human body and the results of your work. TPE impact protection and a polycarbonate clear cover prevent damage being caused by falls, dust and dirt. Large cooling elements eliminate the hazard of fire or burning on the contact surfaces of the light. Transporting the light is made easy by a robust one-hand grip and integrated cord holder, as well as the option of using a systainer.

The system that delivers results

With its new SYSLITE DUO working light, Festool is expanding its SYSLITE lighting range, which offers the perfect working light for every field of application:

- SYSLITE DUO working light with mains operation for wide coverage illumination of entire rooms in daylight like quality. SYSLITE DUO can either stand alone on the floor or flat surfaces, it can also be attached to the Festool tripod or, if preferred, be hung on a screwhead using the integrated hanger.

- SYSLITE KAL II working light for even illumination of medium sized surfaces – in daylight like quality and with five different options for positioning or suspending the light, as well as a variety of power sources (battery, battery pack, mains charger, car charger)

- SYSLITE UNI torch for selective illumination of smaller surfaces and mobile use


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