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Equipped with that essential extra feature: precision

Precise cut-outs along scribe marks with the position guide, defined cutting with the depth stop (no tools required to adjust) or cutting flush to a wall with the sliding shoe (again, no tools required to attach): innovative accessories add that essential extra feature to the VECTURO - precision.

Whether you're working on wood, non-ferrous metal, composite materials or silicone. With the flexibility of the plug it-cable and FastFix interface for quick change of blades, and the practicality of the adapter for tool-free attachment of accessories. Everything clearly arranged and securely stored for transportation in a SYSTAINER.

Main Benefits:

  • Precise depth stop: The depth stop is easy to adjust with no tools required, for accurate plunge depth.
  • Ergonomic: The slim housing with rubberised grip fits perfectly in the hand, with the switches in an ideal position.
  • Versatile: Saw blades for wood or metal, universal bi-metal saw blades, special saw blades for windows, putty and plastics, and a scraper for adhesive residue and silicone.
  • Flexible in use, quick to set up: The VECTURO is ready for use immediately with the plug it-cable. No tools required to change blades and accessories.

Faster: Quick, tool-free blade changes with the FastFix lever.


Easier: Depth-Stop for easy, precise adjustment for accurate cut depths.


Better: Plunge Base with magnetic strip prevents blade vibration and wander for accurate cuts.

18v Flexi System
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