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Find your nearest local Festool Store

When you buy a genuine Festool product at your local Festool Store, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Advice in choosing the right Festool system for your applications
  • Complimentary registration of your Festool tool(s) for Service-All Inclusive
  • Face-to-face customer service
  • Festool tools, accessories and consumables on display with product brochures and information
  • Try to the tools before you buy at Dealers with Festool Test Centres (See icon)

If you cannot find a dealer in your area, you can contact us by calling 1300 063 900. Enter your address or postcode to find your nearest Dealer.


Dealer Type Descriptions:

Premium Shop: Full range of Festool Products with in-store test centre, posters, brochures, materials to demonstrate applications, live video and product information content and expert sales staff.
Dealer Plus
Partner Plus: Comprehensive range of best-selling Festool products, product brochures, live video and product information content and knowledgeable sales staff.
Testcentre: Offers a range of Festool product for testing and demonstration.
Edge Bander Dealer: Stores and sells Edge Bander machines with accessories and cosumables.
Repair Drop Off Point: Store where you can drop your Festool products for repairs.
Online Web Store: Store that sells Festool products via their online web shop.