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Effortless operation, greater versatility and improved finished results

Festool planers are equipped with a single spiral blade cutterhead. Because the blade is drawn across the workpiece at an angle, it cuts cleaner, producing significantly less noise and a smooth surface. The EHL 65 is a lightweight, ergonomic option perfect for trimming and assembly work where one-handed planning is more convenient. For larger planning jobs, the HL 850 provides no limit to the depth of rabbeting, or your ability to plane up to an edge, thanks to the planer head's ability to cut flush to one side. When used with a Festool dust extractor, both planers have efficient extraction that can be connected to the left or right side, and the Festool bench unit accessory easily converts your planer to a stationary bench unit. More than just great handling planers, Festool planers get the job done quieter, easier, and blemish-free.

Main Benefits:

  • Plane flush to edge.
  • Unlimited rabbeting depth.
  • Smooth cut performance.
  • Quick blade changes.
  • Adjustable cutting depth.
  • 90° V-groove for chamfering
  • Efficient dust extraction with Festool extractor.
  • Convert to stationary unit with bench unit accessory

Faster: Depth controls are integrated into the handle, for easy adjustment on the fly.


Easier: High dust extraction efficiency for less clean-up time and greater work efficiency.


Better: Spiral blade produces smooth cut performance and no chatter marks for perfect finish.

The System

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    At Festool, we think not only in terms of tools, but also in terms of systems so that you can work more quickly, easily and efficiently.

  • system
    Head system

    Festool offers three rustic planing heads for texturing surfaces (HL 850 EB only).

    View Head system

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    Stationary units

    For stationary trimming and rebating. Convenient work with the cutting depth scale..

    View Stationary units

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    Mitre guide

    The right stop for every working step: parallel stops, rebate depth stops, angle stops.

    View Mitre guide

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    Storage system

    The T-LOC SYSTAINER keeps your work area neat and tidy with storage space for machines and accessories.

    View Storage system

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    Extraction system

    Clean results both in the workshop and on the construction site with Festool mobile dust extractors..

    View Extraction system

Model Comparison EHL 65 HL 850

Technical data

Power consumption 720 W 850 W
Rotational speed 15600 min-1 11000 min-1
Planing width 65 mm 82 mm
Planing depth 0-4 mm 0-3,5 mm
Max. rebate depth 23 mm n/a
Connection Ø d/e 27 mm 36 mm
Noise at no-load speed 76 dB(A) 79 dB(A)
Weight 2,4 kg 3,9 kg
18v Flexi System
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