Test the tools in-store

If you're interested in a product demonstration to better get to know our power tool's benefits and features or if you have any queries relating to our products, Festool recommends visiting a Festool Shop, a partner dealer with a Festool Testcentre or a partner dealer with sales representation on the road.

These Festool dealers will provide you with detailed information about the complete Festool and Protool power tool range, product benefits & features as well as demonstrations. They are more than happy to assist you with any query you might have relating to Festool or Protool.

All Festool Shops and Testcentres offer at least the following products for active testing and demonstrations:

  • Delta Sander DS 400 EQ-Plus
  • Domino Joining System DF-500 Q-Set
  • Belt Sander BS 75 E-Set
  • Cordless Drill TDK 15.6 CE-MH 45
  • Cordless Drill C 12
  • Plunge Cut Saw TS 55 EBQ-Plus-FS
  • Eccentric Sander ETS 150/3 EQ Plus
  • Eccentric Sander ETS 150/5 EQ Plus
  • Eccentric Sander ROTEX® RO 150 FEQ-Plus
  • Eccentric Sander ROTEX® RO 125 FEQ-Plus
  • Pendulum Jigsaw PS 300 EQ-Plus
  • Router OF 1400 EBQ-Plus
  • Routing template MFS 700
  • Planer EHL 65 E-Plus
  • Dust Extractor CT 22 E
  • CT boom arm CT ASA/SB
  • Compact Module System CMS-TS 55 E Set
  • Multifunction Table MFT 1080

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