T-LOC Systainer SYS 1 Router Cutter Storage Box

Efficient storage and transport container

SYS OF D8 to D12
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Unique Systainer with foam insert for safe storage of router cutters sizes D8 and D12. Festool Systainers offer a rugged, flexible, and convenient means of storing, carrying, and combining tools and accessories. Designed to seamlessly connect to one another and to Festool Sortainers and CT Dust Extractors, the Systainer System makes it possible to configure highly mobile, job specific kits, keeping you organized and working efficiently. Made of durable, robust, high quality ABS for long service life. All Systainers share an identical footprint for easy stacking, storing, and transport. Centrally positioned, oversized handle makes it easy to carry heavy loads.

Faster, easier, better.

Searching for tools, drill bits, screws becomes a thing of the past. Custom inserts are designed to hold Festool tools, accessories, and consumables to help you quickly find the items you need to complete a task.

Flexible system

Latch your Systainer to a dust extractor, rolling base or trolley for easy transport, moving tools, accessories and extractor in one trip from the car to site.

Customise your systainer

Design your own personalised label for your Systainer T-LOC.

First impressions count

Professionals are well organised and neatly presented. Festool's storage solutions provide a robust system for organising, protecting and transporting power tools, accessories, and consumables.

Tech Specs
Systainer size
Dimension (L x W x H)
396 x 296 x 105 mm
Inner dimensions (L x W x H)
383 x 273 x 75 mm
Dimensions - L x W x H (mm)
396 mm x 296 mm x 105 mm
Systainer T-Loc 1
Internal Dimensions L x W x H (mm)
383 mm x 273 mm x 75 mm
Systainer Storage Box
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