What do I need to do when my tool needs a (Warranty) repair

We are sorry to hear that you are having issues with your festool tool.

For us to help you as quickly as possible please drop your tool off to your closest Festool warranty agent or alternatively to your nearest Festool dealer.

Failures within 30 days of purchase will need to be dropped off to your local agent as a repair but will be prioritized and once assessed we will come back to you with an approbiate resolution.

Due to website upgrade we are unable to offer direct bookings at the moment

Festool Warranty agents

List of warranty agents and short introduction

I have a H-class machine and it needs repair/service

How do I book my H class extractor in for servicing?

Step 1
Ensure you have followed the correct H class decontamination transport procedure and completed the transport form.

Step 2
Send Top(Motor) section of the Dust Extractor only.
Place in a (plastic) bag and ensure it is sealed.
The box has to be clearly marked that it contains an H-class rated machine.

Step 3
Arrange Transport to:
Euro Tooltechnic
21-27 Evolution Drive
VIC 3175 Dandenong
*To be organised and paid by customer*

Step 4
Euro Tooltechnic will send an invoice to your email address for approval/payment. (If out of Warranty)

Step 5
The machine will be returned to your nominated address.
If you have questions regarding the repair contact Festool customer service team on Ph 1300 063 900 or email (which email?)

How much will my repair cost

Within 3 years all manufacturing faults are  covered under warranty (if not registered POP must be provided).
During a warranty repair we will also be doing a checkover of the machine and if any wear and tear items need to be replaced this will be done at the same time at no charge.
For chargeable repairs we will keep the cost at a maximum of 50% of a new comparable tool. 

Things to know when sending in your repair

Sending Dust Extractors for Service/Repair
When returning Dust extractors for warranty repair/ chargeable repair or maintenance service please ensure that ONLY the motor section is returned unless repair to the dust container is required.
Dust extractors sent in complete, with full or partially full dust bags or in a state that requires the Unit to be cleaned before inspection, will incur an extra handling charge of $50.

Which accessories do I have to send in with the tool?
Accessories: If you are unsure what caused the fault please send all the accessories that were in use at the time the machine failed (Plug it leads/blades/sanding pads) so our technician can complete a thorough diagnostics on the tool and ensure that you receive your machine back in full working condition.

Is my tool still under warranty?

Check if your tool is still under warranty here (where does this link go?)

Is my tool still under warranty?

You can find our sparepart diagram here and can be ordered via your local dealer. Please note that repairs completed by a third party may void the warranty on your tool.

How can I order spare parts
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Trouble shooting guide before sending your tool in for repair

See our Repairs and Service FAQ section for answers to common questions

What is the warranty on batteries/chargers
Warranty on batteries and chargers is 12 months and can be extended to 3 years if registered

Can I get a loan tool?
Unfortunately we are unable to provide loantools at this stage but we will aim to get your tool back to you within 5 business days (pending spareparts availability)