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Repair booking

Required if Under Warranty = Yes && Purchase Date is not populated or < today.

Hide if Under Warranty = No


I agree that if I decide not to go ahead with a repair quotation, a quotation fee of $33.00 including GST will be charged and the tool may be returned to me in a dismantled state.
I agree that TTS workshop will automatically repair the product where repair cost does not exceed $150. All dust extractors and tools must be clean before sending for repair.
When returning Dust extractors for warranty repair/ chargeable repair or maintenance service, please ensure that ONLY the motor section is returned unless repair to the dust container is required.Dust extractors sent in complete, with full or partially full dust bags or in a state that requires the unit to be cleaned before inspection, will incur an extra handling charge of $50. If you are returning a H class extractor you must read here.