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Systainer3 SYS 1.5 Medium 137x396 Storage Box

SYS3 M 137
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Efficient storage and transport container

Systainer³ combines workshop and construction site.

The new Systainer³ generation enables you to be more mobile than ever before. Festool, TANOS and bott have collaboratively developed a mobility system that brings the workshop and the construction site closer together. It is perfectly integrated into Bott vario3 vehicle equipment, allowing you to safely deploy the familiar arrangement and simple handling that you are used to from the Systainer system in your vehicle as well.

  • Opening, closing and connecting with one hand
  • With additional front carry handle
  • for practical transportation of hand tools, consumable materials and accessories
  • without machine insert
  • in standard format with proven base area

Main applications

  • Can be connected to one another and to different generations
  • Compatible with transport systems and mobile dust extractors
  • Enable organisation, an overview and professional appearance

Product Details

Open, close, connect with a single turn

All Systainer³ can be connected to one another and to other generations. The content is accessible at all times, without having to disconnect them first.


A tidy storage system

Systainer³ units can be connected to many other system accessories, e.g. mobile dust extractors.

All-round protection

Everything is effectively protected against dust, spray water or changes in temperature in the Systainer³.

Simply better organisation

Systainer³ units offer a variety of ways improve organisation and provide an overview. Different size and height variants are available.


Technical Data

Load Capacity (kg)
20.00 kg
Volume (litres)
10.40 l
Dimensions - L x W x H (mm)
396 x 296 x 137 mm
Weight (kg)
1.50 kg
Internal Dimensions L x W x H (mm)
389 x 275 x 96 mm


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