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Precise cutting every time

  • Made of high-grade bimetal
  • Ideal for plunge cuts
  • For universal use
  • Extremely durable and robust

Main Applications

  • Processing a wide range of materials: wood, coated wood, painted wood, composite materials, GRP, plasterboard, non-ferrous metals, plastics

Product Details

Optimum working progress

Oscillation angle of 2°/2° (left/right) for quick and precise working.

Huge versatility

Saw blades for use with wood, as well as universal and custom applications.

Technical Data

Length (mm)
50 mm
Width (mm)
65 mm
Quantity in Pack


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On the TS 75 Circular Saw, is the protective material inside the Counter Flange and the Clamping Flange available as spare parts and replaceable?
Yes, the Clamping Flange (part number 492217) and the Counter Flange (part number 492216) are availa