Forms for Customers

Warranty Registration Form (Customer)

Redemption Form (Customer)


Forms for Dealers

All Forms listed below are for Dealers only and require Dealer Account Number e.g. AU00000000
Please contact Festool Australia Customer Service to request Dealer Account Number if you do not have it.


To update registration details, please Cancel registration and Re-register later with updated details. 
Registration Form (Dealer)

De-registration Form  *For 30 Days Return Claim, please fill in 30 Day Return Claim Form and email to

Dealer Credit Claim Form (Voucher, School, MRP)

Repair Order Form


Sending Dust Extractors for Service/Repair

When returning Dust extractors for warranty repair/ chargeable repair or maintenance service please ensure that ONLY the motor section is returned unless repair to the dust container is required

Dust extractors sent in complete, with full or partially full dust bags or in a state that requires the Unit to be cleaned before inspection, will incur an extra handling charge of $50.


Special Requirements for 'H' Class Dust Extractors:


H Class Extractors are designed to be used for the removal of hazardous dusts, it is reasonable to expect that all H Class units have been exposed to materials hazardous to health (such as asbestos).

Due to the risk to handlers the following process to return H Class Extractors for repair must be followed:

Prior to transport all extractors must be:

  • Decontaminated and thoroughly washed down
  • Dust bag has been removed and dust container decontaminated
  • Main filter has been removed
  • Extraction hose has been sealed within plastic bag and placed in dust container
  • Extractor has been placed within the special H class containment bag (included in original packaging )